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Deepen Your Impact With Creative Empowerment

We work with individuals and organizations to bring increased depth, impact, and joy into classrooms, out-of-school programs, youth camps, and work teams. We form short- or long-term partnerships to support the needs of your organization or program.



Bring empowerment into the heart of your school


Deepen the impact of your programs for youth


Create multi-day transformative experiences for youth


Enliven your teams, events and conferences

Empowered Schools

Our Creative Classroom Training is based on a growing body of evidence that "soft skills" like creativity, self-expression, and social emotional literacy are essential for young people in our rapidly changing world. Soft skills also dramatically increase the impact of teachers in the classroom.

Creative Classroom provides practical tools and strategies that foster soft skills as an integral part of learning, enliven learning across subject areas, and develop a vibrant whole school culture. Creative Classroom provides personal as well as professional development to help teachers and staff connect with their own creativity and find new joy and effectiveness in their work.

We design trainings to fit the needs of your school, from short introductory sessions to year-long engagements. Teachers can use these tools right away, and they are highly complementary to other interventions that foster a holistic approach to learning.

To find out how to bring Creative Empowerment into your school or classroom, please contact: info@partnersforyouth.org

You will learn to
  • Build safe, creative learning communities
  • Engage every student
  • Use arts-based activities to enliven curriculum
  • Minimize classroom disruptions
  • Develop a culturally responsive classroom
  • Increase trust between administrators, teachers, and students
  • Increase student confidence, motivation, and leadership
Topics we cover
  • Program design
  • Strength-based facilitation
  • Personal presentation skills
  • Empowering communication
  • Feedback skills
  • User-friendly coaching model
  • Empowering communication
  • And more!
We work with
  • Individual teachers, counselors, and administrators
  • The entire staff of a school
  • Cohorts of staff from across a district or region


CF1 was transformative. It helped deepen our relationships, and it has had a lasting influence on how we do our work, from facilitating trainings and internal meetings to leading community conversations. I can't recommend it enough!

Diana Falchuk

Manager of Arts & Racial Equity, City of Seattle Race and Social Justice Initiative, Office of Arts & Culture/Office for Civil Rights, USA

I have never before witnessed the transformational power of creativity in such a profound way and in such a short space of time.

Cyrus Kwala

Photographer, Arts Educator, Uganda

PYE’s Creative Classroom is a great example of how experiential learning can have a much deeper impact on learning. The teachers experienced their own creativity in a whole new way. This training will have lasting impact.

Shaun McInerney

Principal, The Studio School, Liverpool, UK